COVID-19: Contactless Vehicle Purchasing


COVID-19: Contactless Vehicle Purchasing


With the concerns around COVID-19, Partridge BMW can still make your dream purchase a reality. We can offer as much or as little dealership contact as you wish, to provide complete peace of mind throughout your buying experience. The whole process can be tailored completely to you, protecting against the risk of potential viral spread.


Communicating With Us

· Initial enquiries can be made via all social media platforms, telephone, email or via our website.

· You will then be contacted by one of our Sales Consultants.

· All communication from there can be tailored to you; Facetime, Skype, telephone, email or even text message.

Buying a Car

· All current New car stock is priced and online.

· Bespoke orders can be configured via the BMW website, a configuration code can then be forwarded to your Sales Consultant for a Partridge Promise Deal.

· All Used car stock is photographed and available to see on our website

· Further details of the vehicle can be offered with a 'walk-around' personal video sent to view at your convenience.

· All bespoke offers on new & used cars can be emailed across for review or presented via Facetime/Skype.


· All elements of the financial transaction can be proposed and completed from the comfort of your home inclusive of initial deposit, final balance transfers and electronic signatures.


· All cars will be thoroughly cleaned, with key contact points being disinfected (steering wheel, all controls, gear shift, seat belts/connectors, door handles, boot catch, arm rests)

· The handover process will be conducted with as little or as much contact as required.

· Cars can be delivered and re-disinfected at point of delivery.

· Familiarisation sessions can be organized for later dates

· Facetime/Skype sessions can also be arranged to run through key questions and controls.